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Website Maintenance

Our new website is online! Now we must find a way to update your site with fresh products, the specific content and so on. Improving by the regular updating of your website, your search engine status increase the number of visitors, and to strengthen the online presence of your company.

A plot for on-site maintenance is the key to the nonstop success of your website.

As Internet trends and technologies are constantly growing and your business grow with latest technologies, emporis plans provide for on-site maintenance for your site evolves with varying needs.

The need for on-site maintenance

-All sites must be maintained so that they are updated. Some sites need daily updates even as others may need rare maintenance. All sites are maintained in order to obtain the contents of the current page; some pages are updated daily, even as others require regular maintenance.

-Website maintenance includes revising, editing or other alteration of existing Web pages to your site updated with new content. The inclusion of new Web pages is also part of regular maintenance on the site. The rules, which change according to the list of search engine sites constantly. Without updating and taking into account these new rules, you can bury a web site just get in the lists of search engines.

-Website maintenance has become a necessity these days, because even if the servers are a excellent availability of 99.99%, it is always vital to check the form and mail links at smallest amount weekly to ensure that both surveys are transmitted website of perfection. Interactive World provides cost-effective website maintenance and do take on the task of routine website maintenance sites and the necessary amendments, if necessary. By outsourcing the maintenance of your website, you are free with regular updates and enhancements.

Website maintenance includes Emporis adaptation, distribution or any other change in existing web pages to update your site. The inclusion of new web pages belongs to the service regularly.

The rules, which change according to the list of search engine sites constantly. Without updating and taking into account these new rules, you can make a site too simply lost in the lists of search engines.

Emporis maintenance is:

Keep your website up to date: The content of your website will be processed with current information. Most maintenance job includes at smallest amount the subsequent:

-Amend or supplement the content of the website

-Image editing and addition (pictures provided by the customer)

-Newsletter and maintenance of the e-mail list

-Product updates cart

-Update announcements, articles, etc.

-Replace images i.e pictures and graphics

-Add / delete pages

-PDF creation and loading

Maintain and manage your site:

We monitor your site regularly and make changes to increase the performance of your website to spread quicker download and improved content.

Protect and secure your site: Server-side programming capabilities for form processing, list management, research and exhibition, caddies, etc. does not require regular updating to implement solutions to security issues learned from time to time. We can manage ASP, PHP and Perl codes for all types of web applications.

Re-structure your site contents: Using statistics of your access to the site as the number of visitors to your site and what they see during your stay, we can help you structure your business for more content and navigation elements