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Java/Tomcat Hosting

Our Java hosting solutions allows private companies to host Java website at low cost. you can install and configure Java for your standard Java application . At the same time , you can restart the run-time (Java JVM ) or application server instance at any hosting

Why we use Dedicated JVM hosting?

Most shared hosting providers offer shared Java/JVM ,only allows you to upload a WAR, jsp or Servlet file on server.In this case , you must need to set the Java application in order to respect the common shared JVM .

There are often conflicts of class and release in that environment. There is also a security risk on a shared JVM to share the same JVM with other user applications . Our Java hosting solves this limitation with shared hosting so that you can run a separate private JVM .

This means that our Java hosting solutions , you can take advantage of the scalability / flexibility to your application server and the Tomcat container . Complete your private Tomcat JVM the ability to start and stop the Tomcat JVM container container or private access , if necessary , you can also expand or update the heap size JVM memory when needed.