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Bulk SMS

Nowadays rarely can we spot someone without a mobile phone. People are either talking over a mobile phone, or drafting/reading SMS, playing games, listening music, taking photos/videos, browsing net etc, thus making it an inevitable part of modern life.

We Are leading provider of Bulk SMS services & Marketing SMS services in India. Emporis Software Solutions  has been providing SMS based services for over 3 years.Emporis Software Solutionsis provider for customized SMS solutions, with clients ranging from big Corporate and Multi-National Companies, Small retail vendors and even individuals and students.

Who Can Use it and How

* Radio/TV Stations

* Politicians

 * Marketing Agencies

* Communities

* Retail Shops / B2B Businesses

* and anyone wishing to create a customer list in order to inform them.

Simply log in, upload your list of recipients, type in your message and click Send.

Our Bulk Sms Features:

* Register and Send SmS (Free)

*Bulk SMS (One SMS to many)

* No Setup Fees

* Get Unlimited Sender ID’s for Transactional Bulk SmS

* Message Scheduling for Later Delivery

* Single and Bulk Messaging – Grouping Functionality

* Connect with Consumer at the Right place, at the Right time

* Providing Web based Interface, HTTP API, Direct SMSC,Group SMS

* Time Saving

10,000 SMS

Rs. 3000 /year

50,000 SMS

Rs. 10000 /year

1,00,000 SMS

Rs. 16000 /year

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* 100% Permission-based Communication with your Customers

* As Mobile Phones develop more Sophisticated Interfaces, so will the

   opportunities for reaching out

* Targeted Consumers in Specified Geographical Areas

* Personal, instant link between you and the Consumer

* 100% Data Secure

* Cost Effective